To Stage or Not to State

When listing a property is it better to stage or not to stage?

6/14/20233 min read

black and white wooden table and chairs
black and white wooden table and chairs

Staging a home has become increasingly popular in the real estate market. The process of staging a home involves styling the property so that it becomes more attractive to potential buyers. It is a way of making the home look more appealing and welcoming to potential buyers, while also helping them to envision themselves living in the property. In this article, we will explore the benefits of staging a home, and why it is more effective than an empty or cluttered property, particularly when taking photographs and videos.

The Benefits of Staging a Home

1. Increase in Property Value

Staging a home is an investment that could potentially increase the property value. According to a survey conducted by the National Association of Realtors, the majority of real estate agents believe that staging is an important factor in selling a home and can increase the final sale price by 1% to 5%. This small increase in price could add up to a significant amount of money that the seller can use to move to their next property.

2. Helps to Make the Property Look Bigger

Staging a property is the perfect way to make it appear bigger and more spacious. By removing some furniture and personal items, the home is opened up, and potential buyers will be able to imagine themselves in the space much easier. It's important to keep in mind that many potential buyers find it difficult to visualize how a space could be used if it has been left empty or the furniture layout is cluttered.

3. Creates a Neutral and Inviting Environment

Staging a property creates a neutral and inviting environment that is appealing to the majority of potential buyers. By creating an environment that is clutter-free, clean, and appealing, potential buyers will be able to envision themselves in the space much more easily, considering the use of the area. A well-staged property removes personal items and creates a blank canvas that allows other buyers to imagine their own living space.

4. Better Photography and Videography Opportunities

Photography and videography opportunities increase when a property is staged. With staging, we create a location that is more appealing and visually attractive, This creates more and better opportunities for professional photographers to take beautiful pictures and videos that will attract potential buyers, increasing the chance of the property being sold more quickly.

Empty or Cluttered Homes vs. Staged Homes

Many home sellers often think that an empty or cluttered space will allow potential buyers to visualize how they could make the property their own. However, this isn't usually the case. An empty property often looks cold, lifeless, and uninviting. At the same time, an overly cluttered property appears smaller and cramped, making it challenging for potential buyers to see the potential of the space and aim for their own perspective.

When we take professional pictures and videos of an empty property, it’s hard to see full potential for the area because it lacks the warmth and personal touch that staging would bring. In contrast, when we showcase a well-staged property, we see a space that gives a warm, welcoming, and appealing look that not only attracts the interest of buyers but also create a space that’s both indulgent and inviting.

A well-staged home is much more likely to be remembered by potential buyers because it creates an emotional connection that allows a buyer to envision what their life could look like in that space. With our state-of-the-art technology and high-quality cameras, we create a space that not only showcases the property but also the development of a dream home that every potential buyer would want to buy.

Staging Brings More Value to the Property

Staging a home creates an environment that is comfortable and appealing to the majority of potential buyers. It allows the property to stand out from the competition by showcasing its strengths, maximizing its potential, creating warmth and personality, this not only attracting more attention, but finding and connecting with a potential homeowner becomes more natural.

Research shows that staged homes not only sell faster, but also tend to reach sales prices that are higher than originally expected. Staging the property helps create an emotional tie to the space, highlighting the essential features that are into the area and making it more desirable to potential buyers. This creates an advantage for both the seller and real estate agent because it allows for a quicker, smoother, and more profitable sale of the property.


Whether you have an empty property, lived-in property, or a total remodeling project, staging your property is the perfect way to showcase your home’s full potential. Staging your home is an effective way to maximize exposure, attract potential buyers within a shorter time frame, and ultimately increase the final sale price. With fewer than 10% of potential buyers able to visualize an empty or cluttered home, staging is a critical aspect of any successful real estate campaign. Pairing an effective staging technique and our photography and videography services help sellers and real estate agents to capture an environment that is warm, welcoming, and appealing, making it easier for potential buyers to take the first step toward their ideal dream home.